Wind Power

The Future is Clean

Wind power is now the cheapest source of power generation in many regions worldwide.

According to the WWEA, overall installed capacity for wind energy reached 600 Gigawatts at the end of 2018. An impressive 53,900 Megawatts was added to the global supply pool in 2018, a number slightly higher than 2017’s 52,552 Megawatts. Worldwide installed wind power can now cover approximately 6% of global electricity demand.

China, the world wind power leader in terms of installed capacity, installed an additional 25.9 Gigawatts of wind power, bringing its total installed capacity up to 200 Gigawatts. The USA also saw impressive growth, bringing it’s total installed capacity up to 7,6 Gigawatts in 2018.

In South Africa, 22 Wind power plants, with a combined capacity of 2020 MW, have achieved commercial operation. In South Africa, energy procurement is overseen by the government’s Integrated Resources Plan (IRP.) The IRP2018 draft update allows for 11 442 MW of wind power to be installed by 2030. This would represent around 15.1% of SA’s overall power mix.

South Africa is well-suited to wind power. With an excellent wind resource in many parts of the country, and a great deal of available land, wind energy is perfectly positioned to make a positive impact on Africa’s largest economy.

At VELD we develop wind projects that are tailor-made for inclusion in South Africa’s procurement programme. Our philosophy is simple: rather than developing a large portfolio of only moderately competitive projects, we invest in a more select portfolio of highly competitive projects, thus bringing greater resources to bear on higher quality assets.

Our team, project partners and advisors are all experts in wind energy project development.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Site assessment
  • Site securing and contract negotiation
  • Wind Resource measurement
  • Plant design and optimisation
  • Permitting and Approvals

We use this broad base of knowledge to create technically feasible, bankable and highly competitive projects within short development timeframes.