Hybrid Systems

Hybrid Systems for Optimal Performance

Our capabilities include hybrid system design. Hybrid systems combine two or more modes of electricity generation together, such as photovoltaics and wind turbines. These systems provide industrial clients with a higher degree of reliability and security in energy supply, as well as assist in reducing energy costs.

Hybrid systems are poised to become the go-to solution for a variety of industries worldwide. Traditionally these systems have been reserved for remote, off-grid areas. However, the worldwide cost trends in renewable energy production have meant that certain industries are now adding a renewable component to their traditional grid-based power supply.

Increasingly sophisticated control systems allow clients to seamlessly switch between the energy supply sources that make up the hybrid system, allowing smooth energy production regardless of variations in resource.

Hybrid power solutions are well-suited to industrial applications in Africa, where a lack of grid infrastructure often limits one’s options. The traditional workhorse of off-grid systems has for years been the diesel genset. While diesel will continue to play a role in supply systems of the future, it will be a greatly diminished one. Diesel gensets will increasingly be used to supply only backup baseload, as they are displaced by cheaper renewable / storage combinations.

At Veld we bring our considerable knowledge of various renewable energy technologies to bear in creating well-optimised large-scale hybrid systems.

Our focus includes:

  • Site assessment
  • System component resource assessment
  • Plant sizing and design
  • Plant Optimisation
  • Permitting and Approvals
In South Africa recent legislative shifts will make it far easier for industry to be able to generate some or all their own power. This will doubtless have a positive impact not only on the bottom line of large energy consumers, but on the economy as a whole.