Copperton Wind Farm

This was our first project. The 102 MW, 150 Million USD renewable energy facility, situated in the Northern Cape of South Africa, is currently under construction. Nordex / Acciona will supply 34 AW125/3150 turbines to the project. The team at VELD represent the original project developers. A special purpose investment vehicle set up by Veld has taken up shares in the project. We’re very proud to be able to partner with project leaders Elawan, and Pele Green Energy.

Project Footprint: 3100 Hectares.

Number of Turbines: 34 turbines, each with a hub height of 120M.

Power Output: 360GWh. Enough power for 110 000 households.

Carbon offset: 38,000 tonnes of annual CO2 Savings, when compared to coal power.

Water Savings: 2.5 Million Litres of Annual Water Savings.

Project Partners



Project Pipeline

We’re proud to partner with Copehagen-based project developers Danish Renewables. In a joint venture, we are unrolling a multi-hundred megawatt pipeline across South Africa. We invest in only the most productive sites, and are actively developing projects for both the REIPPPP, and for private offtakers.

Our focus in on onshore wind and solar plants.